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Knowing hotmail interface

Many of us have chosen to Hotmail as our mail favorite among many, but I bet that even today, since we checked in, we do not know its interface as well as we should. Just enter to see our emails or send important mail.

In this new article I want to talk a little about hotmail.com interface. In other articles as  “sign in hotmail” “hotmail sign in login“, we learned how to create and enter your email account hotmail. Now, we started using the service, you need to familiarize yourself well with its interface and that’s what we’re learning now.

hotmail interface

The hotmail interface has four major sections:

  • Navigation section, which is on the left.
  • Mail options section at the top of our inbox.
  • Section inbox, which is practically in the center.
  • Section of received message, which lies low Inbox.

Navigation section:

In the section called Navigation are all main folders that store our incoming mails, the mails move from folder to folder and other folders but are very useful.

The folders are listed as follows:

Input: This folder stores all our emails, the latest and the oldest. The daily emails we receive Read More…

The main features of hotmail

We all learned how to Sign in Hotmail, and retrieve our password in Hotmail, until we got to know a little more with small box of Hotmail login. I posted a series of articles in which in one way or another we know a little more about Hotmail and in this article we will dig a little deeper on the subject, because after all, there is still much to learn and that the service constantly updated and important changes, all for the purpose of better user experience, and deeper exploration.

In this article I will present the five main features of Hotmail.


The new version of Hotmail email service is to keep everything, with many new advantages, a cleaner interface, powerful and efficient.

1. Play YouTube videos within the Hotmail interface: This new feature is still very interesting and useful. If a contact sends us a link or YouTube link, you will have the option to play the video within Hotmail interface, without having to open the video in another window in your browser.

Here I leave a short video to see how Read More…