Hotmail sign in login

Hotmail login is really easy and this article will teach you how. With this little tutorial can log into Hotmail from your computer or mobile phone.

To hotmail sign in obviously going to need an account and password. If you have not yet created an account, I recommend you visit this item “how to sign in hotmail” where I will show you step by step how to register and get an account.

Before continuing with the tutorial I want to mention that has changed to Outlook completely its  interface. Now it is much more comfortable, light, clean and has new features to further improve its service, all in order to improve the user experience.

hotmail sign in login

The reason why Hotmail has ceased to exist, it was because, according to a data released by the company Microsoft, Hotmail was in decline, users were boring and probably was for your interface or for some other reason, the case is decided stop using it. Then seeing this problem, developers of the company Microsoft decided to create a new interface and change the domain by sign in

While it is true that I’m still missing the old interface of Hotmail, but I must also confess that the new interface is very attractive and probably finish more convincing than the old as time. You notice a total transformation in terms of interface in outlook login and features new options to meet our needs.

In this article show a little more about the new interface hotmail now called and features.

Hotmail Sign In Login

First of all, should be placed in your favorite browser (can be chrome or mozilla) and you’ll be in the Hotmail home page where we find the login inbox in Hotmail. We’ll just have to enter our email and our password, then we click on start session and we will automatically entering our account.

Another thing I wanted to mention, is that I’ve noticed that Microsoft has removed the option to return to the old Hotmail interface, which means that, like it or not, now we have to adapt to the new interface called I know many will jump from anger, but I come back to comment that the new interface is very interesting. I assure you will like, after all was developed and implemented by the same company and if you like, surely you liked Outlook Sign in.

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