How to sign in hotmail

How to sign in hotmail, is called this new article that will teach how to create a new account at this free email service, but before you start with the tutorial, I give very important information about I hope you enjoy the article and here we go.

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This is a somewhat nostalgic news is that Microsoft says goodbye to Hotmail. The old Hotmail email platform will be replaced by a new platform to be called Outlook is inspired by the visual concept of Windows 8, the new email is going to be able to incorporate the services of Facebook, Twitter and Skype, for better connectivity and harmony between users.

Outlook provides basically the same as Hotmail, only that advertising will be a little more aggressive and will incorporate certain colors to make the environment more attractive. Users with termination and may enter the new platform outlook without any problem, but new users, you just decide to create a new account, you will have to choose between the and @; be part of the past.

sign in hotmail

And this is the hot news about Hotmail, I know many will disagree with this new implementation or change, but if we continue to use the email service, we must resign ourselves and adapt to change.

Now I will explain the tutorial . . .

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I know there are many changes hotmail email service, yet people tend to search Google endings “recorded in hotmail”, “hotmail login” hotmail log on “,” hotmail “, and that’s why I decided to make this tutorial.

How to register in hotmail? This is really easy.

The first thing we do is open your browser, either chrome or Firefox and type in the address bar or

When you’re on the home page of outlook or hotmail, we click on “Register” and we loaded a new page, where we will have to fill out a form with our data. Normally what we ask is the name of our email, eg or if you prefer choose, our first and last name, date of birth, place or location and other data. We fill the entire form and we click “I Agree”.

And ready, with this we will have created a new account hotmail. The page will reload and we’re in our new account.

If you have trouble logging in to hotmail, I invite you to read this article to see as log in correctly in hotmail mail.

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