Knowing hotmail interface

Many of us have chosen to Hotmail as our mail favorite among many, but I bet that even today, since we checked in, we do not know its interface as well as we should. Just enter to see our emails or send important mail.

In this new article I want to talk a little about interface. In other articles as  “sign in hotmail” “hotmail sign in login“, we learned how to create and enter your email account hotmail. Now, we started using the service, you need to familiarize yourself well with its interface and that’s what we’re learning now.

hotmail interface

The hotmail interface has four major sections:

  • Navigation section, which is on the left.
  • Mail options section at the top of our inbox.
  • Section inbox, which is practically in the center.
  • Section of received message, which lies low Inbox.

Navigation section:

In the section called Navigation are all main folders that store our incoming mails, the mails move from folder to folder and other folders but are very useful.

The folders are listed as follows:

Input: This folder stores all our emails, the latest and the oldest. The daily emails we receive are in this folder.

Spam: This folder stores messages that are not very important for us. All spam is stored here, advertising emails, viral, or emails that we send the pages where we have signed by a mistake when we checked in it.

Drafts: Here in this folder are stored messages or emails you’ve written but not finished sending. Hotmail saves to keep the mail and having to start from scratch.

Sent: Here are stored all emails that we have sent our contacts.

Deleted: This folder stores all the messages we have removed both the Hotmail inbox, the drafts and sent messages. All messages erase, no matter if they come from the folders mentioned above, are stored here.

Other folders: Inside this folder we can create other folders with different names and arrange to your liking. For example, I created a folder that I named “Golden Posts” and are the most important messages I decided to keep them there.

Mail Options section:

In this section we find the options to better organize our folders. The buttons to write a new message, delete, move, respond and more are other buttons in this section.

These are the options contained in this section of Mail Options:

New: With this option we load the page where we will write and send a new email, and also has many other options, such as attach files, add links and other options.

Reply: As the word says, simply serves to answer some mail, but also has the same options of first choice.

Reply to All: With this option, you can add several emails or different contacts and send an important message to all in one go.

Forward: This serves to forward a message to a contact has sent us another new contact.

Remove: This option can mark the messages you want and then remove them, send them emails deleted tray.

Other options such as Clean, Mark as Move To categories serve to better organize our messages. We provide everything

Section inbox:

In this section we will be able to view our incoming messages or emails received in more detail. Here you can see all the information of each incoming mail, as the sender, subject, date and time of entry of mail and other details.

Section of messages received:

This section operates on what we do in the inbox section. If the inbox we click we received an email recently, so in this section we can see the messages received message body. The content of the message, whether written, attachments, photos, etc.

If you do not have a hotmail account, click here to create a hotmail email.

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