The main features of hotmail

We all learned how to Sign in Hotmail, and retrieve our password in Hotmail, until we got to know a little more with small box of Hotmail login. I posted a series of articles in which in one way or another we know a little more about Hotmail and in this article we will dig a little deeper on the subject, because after all, there is still much to learn and that the service constantly updated and important changes, all for the purpose of better user experience, and deeper exploration.

In this article I will present the five main features of Hotmail.


The new version of Hotmail email service is to keep everything, with many new advantages, a cleaner interface, powerful and efficient.

1. Play YouTube videos within the Hotmail interface: This new feature is still very interesting and useful. If a contact sends us a link or YouTube link, you will have the option to play the video within Hotmail interface, without having to open the video in another window in your browser.

Here I leave a short video to see how it works:

2. Organize different email accounts in one place: With have the opportunity to set up our accounts from other servers, such as Yahoo, Gmail or e-mail our work. This helps us stay more organized and we review and respond to emails in a single hotmail inbox.

3. Our domain name instead of our email: This option allows us to replace the name of our mail for our domain name, if they have a website. For example, if my website is and my email is, then with the name change would look like,

4. Replaces Skype messenger in Hotmail: Perhaps many do not seem to enjoy this new Hotmail integration. Messenger is over, and Skype is the new hotmail interface for instant messaging and communicate for free through voice. We would like to be connected 24 hours a day and chat with friends all the time you want, instead of sending an email. If you have a Skype account, register here.

5. Send large attachments: Hotmail has joined with SkyDrive and now we can attach and send up to 10 GB, leaving the competition behind. This far exceeds the other emails as offered is 10 MB.

hotmail attachments

 I hope you enjoyed this article, if you want to know more about hotmail and its new interface, I invite you to visit this article and get the most out the service. Do not wait more! login hotmail to enjoy all its services

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