Single-use code to Login hotmail and Sign In

Many times when working in a friend’s house, it’s an awkward situation that we have to enter our Hotmail account, and when we hotmail login, can access our password and feel vulnerable. We are uncomfortable with the idea that they could stay with our password and you can imagine the mess that weapon later.

In this article will teach how to use a single code to in hotmail sign in using another computer that is not ours. This method helps us to keep ourselves safe and not have to enter our password, we do not know if our “friend” has some software that records what you write on your keyboard. You never know who we can trust and our safety is the first.

Login hotmail and Sign In

How does this code for a single use to login Hotmail?

This code works this way. It is used once to log into our Hotmail account in one device. Say you want to log into our friend’s computer, then open the browser, we go to the home page, we request the code and Microsoft is responsible for sending the code to our phone, then copy the code we entered our cellphone and in the field that appears on the Hotmail page to sign in, we write the code. This is how we make a completely secure sign in hotmail without the need to use our password.

We understand the purpose of the code, but how exactly do we apply?

What we have to do is go to the home page of and identify in the bottom of the logon box hotmail, the option that says “Get a single use code to log into hotmail” and click here. Below in the picture you can see how to create a hotmail account. We wondered if we Microsoft account. Sign up now.

Once you click on this option it will open another page where we have to apply our code because it does not have one yet. We enter our mail and phone number we enter when checking hotmail. Attention: If we enter our personal cell number we use to sign up for hotmail, this method will not work. Finally select our country and we click on “Send Text Message“.

text code enter sign in hotmail

We Wait to Microsoft send us the code for a single use and when we have received, we go back to the home page of hotmail and you click on “start a single-use code in hotmail”.

Then only we enter our mail and single-use code and ready, just to click “sign in” and we will be entering our hotmail account without having used our password.

sign in with code in hotmail login

If you do not know how to log into hotmail, I invite you to see this article and learn as login hotmail email.

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